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Welcome to Kóokay!


My name is Danielle Martínez, (known in Playa as 'la maestra')


I'm a pedagogue with diplomas in Children's Education, Arts, Social Entrepreneurship, and Creativity.​


I have been working in the industry over the last 13 years.  ​I was never a fan of Traditional Education.


In 2008, I was awarded the Social Service "Dr Gustavo Baz Prada ” award. 

The Award consists of a silver medal and a diploma to the most outstanding social service provider. 

The aim of offering recognition to participants who provide

outstanding social service in an impactful program. 

The Award winners contribute to improving the living

conditions of the least favoured sectors of our population. 








I went and lived and got into the heart of some of the poorest communities in Mexico.

I lived the way they lived, slept the way they do, raising children,

and dealt with social problems as them.

This made me realize that the least bit of education

could mean a lifeline to these people and I wanted to help.  


Today, Playa del Carmen is my home, I came and I stayed. 


It has a heart open to the world. 

There are so many great people here that are creating

amazing things not only for Playa but for the world. 

We still need to be respectful and give more to the local people and the world.


They deserve to be respected and not only work so hard

to try and keep up with the bills. 

They never go to the beach, they're doing double shifts.

They rarely have access to education & fun.

We opened this space for 2 reasons:


1. Education needs to change.

2. Education & Culture in Playa del Carmen needs urgent improvement.



We're not only one of the most popular destinations in the world with amazing historic temples. 

We're much more than margaritas & nachos.

We have Mayans, we have artists, we have ecological projects.


In Playa, We're creating a community that is recycling, making biodegradable soaps, toothpaste,

mums that are breastfeeding, and donating milk to others who can't.

We are vegetarians, vegans dancers & artists. 


Having said this,  There are Mayan people that work so hard and live with very little too

and we need to change that.


Kóokay is an educational -open to everyone- space

that will generate changes in a small and big impact.




​Personally speaking, I love having new adventures & to feel happy about what I do for a living.


My passion is helping and creating new projects. 


I'm very grateful for your support. 

I believe that we can do amazing things together. 

I work with my mum in this project, she has been an amazing support through this journey. 

She supports women in need and brings them equipment that helps them to become stronger, healthier, and happy.​


We work on projects to support and bring education to rural communities and vulnerable people.

People that do not have access to a lot of education and health services.

And of course, we run the Outdoor Jungle Program for Toddlers.


Come & meet us in Kóokay!

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Contact Us


+52 1 984 119 72 46

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