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  •  It is in the Mexican jungle, surrounded by flora and fauna.

  • It is a concrete and actionable program for early childhood.

  • It puts the early childhood in the foreground.​

  • It is accessible and can be reproduced at home.

  • It is ecological, uses solar panels, recycles, repairs and reuses.

  • Educate on social and natural problems that require immediate attention.

  • Promote Mexican traditions, art and culture.

  • Children become children again, they jump, they scream, they play, they get dirty, they learn, they experiment, they awaken their curiosity.

  • Teach and empower to live without haste, without stress and without social pressure.

  • Supports Mental Health.

  • Supports marginalized communities where they have no access to education or basic services.

  • The classrooms are mobile, the programs and activities can be applied in any home, space, community, center.​

  • Bring together existing change agents and create new ones.

  • It is a holistic space.

  • Young boys and girls grow up learning to meditate, do yoga, breathe, cultivate, recycle, repair, harvest, care for others.

  • It teaches unlearning.

  • We see and hear wild animals every day





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+52 1 984 119 72 46

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